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This is the Stage 1 Performance Automotive Customs Mk4 Roadster. With 300hp in a 2200 pound car, you will be hard pressed to find a car on the street that can hang with you. With 0-60 times in the Low-4 second range for the Stage 1, down to the Low 3-seconds in our Stage 5 Roadster.

Stage 1 FFR Mk4 Roadster Features...

- Ford 302 (Edelbrock Aluminum heads, 350hp/350Ftlbs)
- New T-5 5-speed Transmission
- Moser/PAC Dana 44 Rear-end
- Visors
- Wind wings
- Hinged Hood
- Auto meter Gauges
- 17″ Wheels with Z-Rated Tires

TurnKeys  Start At $58000

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